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Programme Design

  • The Programme is designed as a 72-credit, full time post-graduate degree programme, delivered in four semesters
  • The Programme is structured with a common core curriculum that lays the foundations and a wide set of electives based on student preferences
  • Students have the flexibility to focus in specific areas or choose a generic program. The focus area comprises of a set of three elective courses spanning the 3 rd and 4 th semesters. Click here to know more about Focus Areas

Core Courses: The present set of eight core courses will seek to introduce students to key issues in educational thinking, critique and practice. Keeping educational issues at the centre, the core courses serve the foundational purposes of building conceptual, analytical and theoretical basis for educational judgment. The idea is to introduce the graduates of the Programme to issues, problems, key ideas of investigation in each area of study. These are compulsory courses for all students

Electives: The elective courses are designed to build knowledge bases – theoretical, practical or procedural -- in particular areas of education. They are meant to supplement and extend understanding acquired in the core areas through deeper engagement with specific aspects of educational theory and practice. Students may choose from a combination of 2, 3 or 4 credit electives to obtain the 26 credits required. In any given semester there will be a wide range of electives on offer. Electives cut across multiple areas related to Curriculum and Pedagogy, Educational policies and programmes, School Leadership, Economics, History etc.

Click here for an indicative list of Electives offered.

Open Courses: A well-rounded and balanced curriculum needs to include opportunities for students to explore areas of human and social interest that focus on themes related to the arts, culture, the sciences and other subjects of topical interest. Open courses allow the students to pursue courses in Music, Art, Dance, History, Poetry, Theatre etc. In each semester there are a wide range of open courses offered.

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Field Engagement: Engagement with field practice forms an integral part of this programme. The objective is to expose students to a variety of field settings in Indian educational contexts in order to sensitize them to issues related to the practice of education. The multiple opportunities for field engagement, starting from the first semester onwards, would allow students to introspect on their own role and work. It is hoped that the experience will build humility, empathy, optimism and conviction in their intervention.

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