Prakash Iyer


Prakash is a faculty with the School of Education.

He worked with organizations engaged in school education reform when he managed Wipro’s social initiative in education reform (Wipro Applying Thought in Schools). In these 4 years, he engaged with diverse approaches towards reforming school education, dealt with different questions and divergent answers to the same question. This experience left him with as many questions as answers, which drew him to Philosophy of Education.

He joined Azim Premji University as a faculty member and coordinator of the Philosophy of Education unit. He helped organize a series of International Conferences in Philosophy of Education and annual summer schools. In the M.A. Education program, he teaches Philosophy of Education, Curriculum Studies and a course on Contemporary debates in Political Philosophy and its impact on educational practice. He has also co-taught an introductory course on European Renaissance.

His research and writing interests are in moral and political philosophy. He is particularly interested in the differences and conflicts between liberal democracy with other forms of civil association. He thinks it is important to translate” important ideas generated in academic work and practitioners of education in conversational English that would fuel popular education discourse with important philosophical questions. He would like his writing to perform this necessary function of facilitating this exchange of ideas and experiences across these two distinct worlds.

He is developing a portal for Philosophy of Education.


Publications and Writings

  • The practice of learning and the necessity of a sceptical moment” (to be published in an edited volume of papers from the PoE Conferences)
  • Teaching Political Judgment: Tolerance and Intolerance in higher education classrooms” (a chapter in an edited volume to be published by Routledge India).
  • He writes a column Cogitations in the Teacher Plus magazine.
  • He is in the process of publishing two edited volumes of the proceedings of the Philosophy of Education Conference organized in Azim Premji University.