Consolidation of Programme Experience

This course aims to help students link, integrate and synthesise their experience across the programme.

During the first three semesters of the programme, students will gain knowledge of diverse perspectives and approaches to education, and direct experience of educational practice. This course aims to help students link, integrate and synthesise their experience across the programme, as well as to gain greater self-awareness about their future work and themselves. This includes seeing connections between programme objectives and their learning experience, identifying areas of gaps or needs either in the curricular formulation, or in collating understanding from various learning experiences. 

The course will bring together key learnings from other courses, practicum, and field practice, with the aim of exploring significant strands/​themes around which the programme is organized; specifically, aims of education, knowledge, children, schooling, curriculum, teaching and learning. The themes will be explored with the help of readings/​case studies that consolidate learnings from different courses. A substantial part of the course will involve students taking up specific themes, ideas, or problem area (for e.g. inclusive education, education of tribal children, their third semester field experience etc.,) that they will explore in greater depth, summarise their ideas and learnings, and describe linkages between theory, research and application related to those themes. They would synthesise and present their understanding through an integrative portfolio that could also include other key learnings from the programme. The portfolio would be a medium for enabling the metacognitive aspects of evaluating one’s own learning throughout the programme, which would be worked on in greater depth (and with facilitation) during the fourth semester.