Schools as Organisations

Studying schools as the most basic unit of a formal education system

Schools are the basic unit of a formal education system. Initiatives in schools are directed towards organisational change, and a transformation of important elements of schools. This requires a systematic study of schools as organisations, and various factors that form and influence elements of a school. This course will introduce students to the principles and practices of managing schools, drawing upon concepts from organization theory, systems theory, and management theory. Focusing on organisational and administrative mechanisms at the district and school level, the course will introduce the process of administration, planning, and financing of school districts.

Students will also be introduced to the diversity of schools (private, aided, government, international, alternative etc.) with respect to their organisation structures and the process of decision making. Using organisation development frameworks, the course will build a systematic understanding of various processes and functions required to run a school such as, leadership, management and governance, school culture, school identity, strategy, and structures and procedures. These discussions will foreground a commitment to building an inclusive vision, a democratic school culture, and creating organisational mechanisms in alignment with this.