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At Azim Premji University, we view university as a time for you to explore the complexities of your life and the world in which you live. We make sure that this experience is a meaningful one. We prepare you to be a creative and thoughtful citizen who can express yourself and most importantly, think critically about the world in which we live. 

Our undergraduate programme brings together a diverse community of students from all over India. We help you choose your field of specialisation and encourage you to make links between your chosen field of study and our rapidly changing world. Our flexible and immersive curricula are rigorous and equip you to become independent thinkers. We ensure a caring environment that will help you navigate the complex professional, personal and social challenges that lie ahead of you.

Our community of faculty and mentors cares for each student. We make sure to attend to your needs and help you understand your hopes and nurture your dreams.

We think that your education should help you become a critical and independent thinker, capable of navigating the complex professional, personal and social challenges that lie ahead of you.

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Your well being is our priority

We make sure that you are taken care of, in the classroom and outside. Our faculty to student ratio ensures that you have the close mentoring and support that you need to meet the requirements of your programme. 

We offer opportunities for experiential learning, research and writing. We make sure that you have first-hand experience of what you are learning.

We know that the job you go on to choose once you complete your student years matters. We are here to help with the careers you want to choose.

Most of all, we believe in education for social change: what you learn will help you contribute to the world in which we live. 

We are eager to welcome you to our community in the spirit of social change. 

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Have you decided what you would like to study at Azim Premji University? You can choose between the following degrees.