University-School Connect Programme

Deepening out collaboration with organisations, schools and institutes that support our MA in Education. 

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Our MA in Education is a unique programme of study that we began in the year 2011. It includes theory, practice, research, policy and planning in education. Learning through practice is a key component.

This practicum is a weekly activity in which students visit schools or institutes to gain practical experience by interacting, observing and working with teachers in lesson plans and teaching. 

The institutes that students visit are chosen by the field practice team and chosen for the requirements of the programme. These places have been very accommodating and welcoming and give our students important learning experiences. 

Our collaborating institutes include schools (government, BBMP, private, special and alternative schools), pre-schools, anganwadis, Teacher Education Institutes and other community-based organisations.

We offer a space for sharing experiences, ideas and learnings for teachers and school stakeholders from these locations through workshops, lectures and events.

We work with:

  • 25 Anganwadis
  • 35 Community based organisations
  • 29 Special needs institutes
  • 153 Schools (government, private and municipal corporations)
  • 111 Total workshops
  • 242 Institutes
  • 3371 Teachers and school stakeholders
  • 1429 Students

Classroom dynamics for teachers and teacher educators

Workshops for sharing, learning and implementation