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Fees & Financial aid

Make sure you know the fee structure and other expenses during the course. We offer extensive need-based scholarships covering tuition fees and accommodation.


Tuition fees

ProgrammeDuration (4 semesters)Per semesterEntire programme (4 semesters)
MA Education2 yearsINR 50,000INR 2,00,000
MA Economics2 yearsINR 50,000INR 2,00,000
MA Development2 yearsINR 50,000INR 2,00,000
MA Public Policy & Governance2 yearsINR 50,000INR 2,00,000
LLM in Law and Development1 year (2 semesters)INR 50,0001,00,000 (2 semesters)

Accommodation fees

ProgrammeDuration (4 semesters)Per semesterEntire programme (4 semesters)
MA Education2 yearsINR 42,000INR 1,68,000
MA Economics2 yearsINR 42,000INR 1,68,000
MA Development2 yearsINR 42,000INR 1,68,000
MA Public Policy & Governance2 yearsINR 42,000INR 1,68,000
LLM in Law and Development1 year (2 semesters)INR 42,000INR 84,000 (2 semesters)

Note: Accommodation fees will be applicable, only if you are staying in the University accommodation.

Charges for food will be payable at actuals.

Financial Aid

We believe that nobody should be denied admissions because of financial constraints. We offer scholarships and other forms of financial assistance.


Need-based scholarship

If your family is from an income band of less than INR 7 lakhs per annum, we offer:

  • Full or partial scholarships covering tuition and accommodation

  • Charges for food will be payable at actuals. We offer scholarships for food in exceptional circumstances

  • Scholarships on food and accommodation will be applicable only if you are staying in the University accommodation.

  • Scholarships and Annual fees applicable for all Postgraduate Programmes

Income range 2 lakhs2 – 4 lakhs4 – 6 lakhs6 – 7 lakhs>7 lakhs
Scholarships100%75%50%25%No Scholarship
Tuition fee — per year-INR 25,000INR 50,000INR 75,000INR 1,00,000
Accommodation charges — per year-INR 21,000INR 42,000INR 63,000INR 84,000
Total-INR 46,000INR 92,000INR 1,38,000INR 1,84,000
  • If you have three or more years of work experience after graduation, you will be eligible for a 50% waiver on tuition fees.
  • You need to submit experience certificates to avail this fee waiver

If you need financial support, you will need to fill the details in the application form. The University reserves the right to award or reject financial assistance and its decision will be final and binding.

  • You must provide details of household income, including salary, pension, rent, agriculture, business, investments, commission or other sources of income of all contributing family members.
  • You must produce supporting documents at the time of financial assistance assessment process. We do not consider delayed submissions, so do prepare for the documentation required.
  • We will conduct our own verification and due diligence of your documents and reserve the right to make a final decision that is non-negotiable.

Expenses related to field work

  • Any weekly practicum which involves travel within Bengaluru (if applicable): You will have to bear the expenses related to travel and food.
  • First field internship/​immersion/​Law & Policy hub (Whichever applicable): The expenses related to food, stay and travel out of Bangalore during the first field internship/​immersion /​Law & Policy Hub will be funded by the University for all students (irrespective of scholarship) as per University guidelines
  • Subsequent internships/​field engagements: The expenses related to food, stay and travel during the field internships/​field engagements will be funded by the University for all students on scholarship, as per the University guidelines.

Other expenses

  • You will have costs over the course of your study for books, photocopies, and other academic expenses.

We offer education loans through a tie up with banks. We can help you take a loan for your fees (tuition and accommodation) by facilitating the process with banks.

  • You can apply for a loan with a bank if you are not a scholarship student or a partial scholarship student
  • We offer assistance for the loan process, but we do not take responsibility for the sanction and disbursement of the loan. You (with your parents and guardians) have to provide all the documentation that the bank requires.
  • We offer you a group insurance facility covering life, hospitalization and accident insurance, at no extra cost.

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