University Practice Connect

A collaborative platform for academics and development practitioners to come together to create a mutually beneficial space for learning and experience.

University Practice Connect is a collaboration between academics and practitioners and seeks to bring the two together to co-create this mutually beneficial space for learning, experiences, strategy formulation and problem-solving.

The need for this platform was felt by our own faculty and students who are regularly on field visits to study, experience and learn. Development issues of a vast and diverse county, such as ours, are complex with challenges arising out of our assorted social, religious, economic, cultural and geographical factors. If the scale is vast, the complexities run deep. But this is not to present a despairing picture because even as grassroots development organisations engage with the community they serve, academicians study and understand the peculiarities and complexities of specific contexts, and both are bound together by their common interest and focus of work.

University Practice Connect also furthers the Foundation’s stated vision of contributing to the realisation of a just, equitable, and humane society.