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The M.A. Development program will offer the opportunity for students to choose specific concentrations.

What is a concentration?
  1. Concentration refer to a set of four elective courses totaling 12 credits, which together cover a specific development theme/topic/domain in a focused and well-rounded manner.
  2. Concentrations will be offered on a year to year basis, depending on students’ interest, topicality of the issues and faculty interest and availability.
  3. Available concentrations will be communicated only during Semester II and will also be subject to a minimum number of students opting for it.
  4. Interested students can choose to do one or two concentrations in the entire second year; this is not compulsory.
Potential Concentration Areas
  • Labour and work
  • Food, nutrition and society
  • Development organisations
  • Sustainability for development practice
  • Gender and development

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