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Field research and experiences of MA Development students

Field practice-MADEV

Field Practice forms an integral part of the MA Development programme. It seeks to complement the students’ learnings in the classroom and offers opportunities for engaging with diverse kinds of development action spaces as sites of knowledge, experience, and imagination. 

Students are expected to spend extended periods of time in the Field in the form of a Field Immersion, a Summer Field Internship, and a Winter Field Project.

During the Field Internship, they participate as active members of specific development interventions for a period of 6 weeks. 

The Winter Field Project is an 8‑week field engagement that is conceptualised and designed by students, under the supervision of faculty mentors. These projects can be field research studies, documentation efforts and pilot interventions. 

Glimpses from Field Project Fair 2023, held after students’ return from field projects: Explore now

Students’ publications based on field studies and experiences:

Journal Article

Rhea Kaikobad, in Women & Therapy, discusses an intervention for rehabilitation of female survivors of violence that reconceptualises rehabilitation through a feminist lens: the Sampoornata model of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), created and being practiced by an NGO called Kolkata Sanved in Kolkata, India.

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