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We welcome applications from academicians in the areas indicated below with interest and experience in the fields of education and development. We also invite applications from practitioners in these fields. We are looking for people whose work reflects an underlying concern with equity, justice and sustainability. Research and work related to the underprivileged and a deep and nuanced understanding of India's social, political and cultural context and tremendous diversity would be particularly appropriate. The University is characterized by its commitment to academic freedom, its uncompromising insistence on integrity at all levels and its culture of rigorous pluralism, which we believe are critical to fulfil our mission of creating outstanding and effective programmes of learning, research and advocacy in education, development and allied fields.


Development is inextricably embedded in political processes and the politics of institutions intensely interacts with other social and economic factors. In addition, the state and the impact of state power on markets and society in general is a critical area of study that any student of development needs to engage with. The interaction and negotiation between political institutions of governance and other contesting social formations is a key domain of interest in a fast changing society like India. This area of scholarship, therefore is of key importance and we invite applications to faculty positions here. Political theory, politics of development, politics of post-independence India, law and governance in India and politics of public policy are some of the areas of relevance to us.


Psychology has an undisputed role in the understanding of teaching, learning and schooling. Research in psychology in the past few decades has contributed valuable insights into the nature of child development. Indian education systems have barely begun to adopt and internalise the implications of these research programmes. The University considers the various branches of psychological research - social, cognitive, developmental and educational - to be of critical importance. Psychologists who have strong interest in teaching and research in these areas an encouraged to apply.

Early Childhood Education

It is increasingly clear that early experiences influenced by social, economic and biological circumstances have deep influence on child development. Early interventions that compensate for disadvantage and deprivation are therefore of critical importance. India is still to orient its policies toward addressing challenges in this area. We invite applications from educators, social scientists, psychologists and policy specialists with a strong interest in this area to apply.

Application Process

Please email us the following documents:

  • Covering letter indicating the position, subject area of your interest and professional statement of purpose
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Three samples of scholarship (articles, chapters, books or any other)
  • Names, addresses or mail ids and designations of three referees

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