Academic Associate — Inclusive Education

We invite applications for the role of Academic Associate for our Diploma Programme in Inclusive Education.

The diploma in Inclusive Education provides school teachers with the knowledge of inclusive education as a concept and practice to equip them with skills needed to identify and work with children with diverse learning needs in regular classrooms. Through extensive hands-on exercises and evidence-based practices, teachers will learn how to modify curriculum, teaching practices and assessment to suit the individual learning needs of children in their classrooms and to practice inclusion in their own settings. 


1. Supporting courses

  • Session observation and documentation
  • Assignment review with the use of the rubric
  • Session management
  • Supporting course faculty with specific requirements
  • Conduct support classes for the participants

2. Course content creation and management 

  • Finding relevant and creating research-based online content such as quizzes, videos, podcasts, etc
  • Provide support for asynchronous learning, including developing quizzes, polls, lesson plans.
  • Managing LMS and communicating with the participants
  • Keep abreast with technologies to make online pedagogy interactive and engaging for the participants

3. Research

  • Engaging with course-related literature and conducting secondary research 
  • Designing and conducting short surveys and interviews and reporting findings

4. Communication

  • Timely communication with participants and all other stakeholders involved in the diploma
  • Follow up with stakeholders when needed

5. Project management and course/​event management

  • Creating a timeline and managing tasks in a timely manner
  • Managing the logistics, communication, and coordination of events such as face-to-face sessions, field visits, workshops, and webinars 
  • Master’s degree in Education/​Inclusive Education/​Psychology
  • Minimum 1 – 2 years of experience in Education, either teaching or working directly with children or adult learners
  • Experience using Ed Tech tools for teaching would be desirable
  • Familiarity with English and Hindi language
  • Candidates who are motivated and interested in teaching and research are encouraged to apply

Please email the following documents to facultypositions@​apu.​edu.​in with the subject line Application for Academic Associate in Inclusive Education”:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • One sample of scholarship (articles, essays submitted for coursework, chapters, or any others)
  • Two letters of recommendation emailed directly to the above mentioned email ID
  • Completed Information Summary Sheet