Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability

Strengthening India’s response to the climate crisis

The Centre was established in May 2019, with the goal of furthering research, education and outreach on climate change in critical gap areas relevant to India’s future. The Centre’s activities include

  1. Annual Climate Festivals: Rivers of Life, the first festival held in Bangalore in November 2022, and in Yadgir in January 2023, reached over 12,000 visitors in both locations. Forests of Life, held in Bangalore in November 2023, is a trilingual (English, Kannada and Hindi) festival that spreads nature awareness to over 20,000 students, practitioners, media, Government personnel, and other critical groups. The University trains and funds over 100 young interns who head out across the country to research and report on the state of the environment for this festival, thereby also providing capacity building. 
  2. Credited programmes: The University has launched a new undergraduate major in Environmental Science and Sustainability: a first-of-its-kind programme in India, which will train young undergraduates in the science of environmental change, help them understand the economic, social and policy dimensions of environmental governance, and build capacity for environmental action through rigorous internships and research projects. 
  3. Capacity building for working professionals: The Centre hosts short courses, webinars and podcasts in areas as diverse as nature writing for children, climate reporting for media, and data analysis for environment professionals – strengthening capacity for climate action in the country. 
  4. Public communication: Through popular science books, how-to guides, and research reports on areas of public interest, such as tree planting guides; books on urban trees and water issues in cities; climate change and biodiversity; and annual high-level reports with near-future climate forecasts for climate adaptation planning.

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