A New Year resolution for the environment

Harini Nagendra, faculty member, Azim Premji University, in Deccan Herald, conducts a retrospective look back at the year that was — just as essential as New Year resolutions for the year. What did we do to the state of the environment in 2022?

There is much that each of us can do to cut down our individual impact on the environment — buy less, travel sustainably, regift and reuse, reduce the use of plastic, plant trees, grow flowers on our balconies in pots — and much more. 

A substantial chunk of our environmental footprint comes, however, from the systems we are embedded in — the fossil fuel-produced electricity we rely on, the industrial farming systems that produce our food, and the kinds of building materials we use for our homes and offices. Changing this requires a systemic shift. It requires public awareness, educating each other through conversation, and— that dirty word— activism. Especially, environmental activism.

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Deccan Herald-1 Jan 2022

Harini Nagendra is a faculty member at Azim Premji University.