Forests of Life | Our Nature and Climate Awareness Series

Inviting students and young professionals from various geographies of India. Selected interns will be eligible for a three-month paid internship programme.

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Second in the Nature and Climate Awareness series, after Rivers of Life, Forests of Life is a festival being organised by Azim Premji University.

Besides featuring visual stories of forests throughout the country, the festival is a coming together of diverse stakeholders, unique cultural traditions, distinct geographies, and extensive documentation of the key role forests play in enriching our planet.


  • Forests for life — ecology and biodiversity, environment, climate change
  • People of the forest — food, culture, livelihoods and ways of life
  • Forests as sacred, spiritual and living entities
  • Changing forests — imagining new ways of coexistence (cities, industries, transforming rural landscapes)

Application Process

Submissions should include an upload of a 50 – 200 word concept note that includes the following:

  • Title and short description
  • Theme and Sub-Theme(s) selected
  • Why is this important? Highlight the significance
  • Location of study

Submissions should also include 5 – 10 photographs taken by you using your camera or mobile phone (portrait, landscape, nature, forests, etc.) with a caption of your choice 

Who can Apply?

This call is open to all students above 18 years, including those in professional courses and young professionals, who recently graduated and have not more than 2 years of active professional experience.

Shortlisting Process

Based on the application, shortlisted applicants will be invited for a subsequent interview. Selected interns will be eligible for a three-month paid internship programme and can attend curated workshops on photography skills, ethics, and awareness of forests. 

From February to April 2023, select interns will document aspects of a chosen forest, focusing on the themes mentioned above. They will be encouraged to further develop their storyline over the course of the internship.

Applicants are expected to document their story through videos and audio, in addition to photographs using professional, semi-professional cameras and/​or smartphones.

Final submissions will be curated for the Forests of Life festival at the Azim Premji University campus.

The submissions will appear in the exhibit catalogue, used as resource material for awareness generation, published in the form of an open-access book, and as articles in popular media.

Timeline of events

Last date to submit the application

Announcement of results

Final submissions as per guidelines

Forests of Life festival

Contact us at forestsoflife@​apu.​edu.​in for more information.

Copyright Policy

Contributors retain all copyright to their own image. By submitting, you are allowing the use of your images by Azim Premji University for the festival and various publications. The University reserves the right to use the images for the purpose of promoting the participants’ work on social media and subsequent display at the University’s events.

We have closed the Call for Internship Proposals for Forests of Life.