Nature writing for children: Hello, Sun!

Rajiv Eipe, Illustrator and Author, in conversation with Shashwat D C, on the different aspects of illustrating children’s books

NWFC Rajiv Eipe

Nature writing for children is a field that has grown vastly in recent years, with many authors, old and new, contributing a fascinating array of books aimed at diverse ages, from toddlers to young adults. 

To deepen our collective engagement with this genre, Azim Premji University brings you a Webinar series #SeekingSustainability: Nature Writing For Children. The series will be of special interest for aspiring writers, parents, educators, and book lovers everywhere.

In the current webinar, Illustrator and Author Rajiv Eipe will talk about art and its inclusion in nature books for children.

About the Speaker

Rajiv Eipe is an animator and illustrator of picture books and comics. He has worked on numerous children’s books with various publishers and has animated short films for television, film and the web. In 2020, he won the Parag Big Little Book Award (Illustration), for his contribution to children’s literature in India. He lives in Bangalore with his partner, one dog and two cats.

About the Moderator

Shashwat DC is part of the research team at Azim Premji University. He is a blogger with sus​tain​abil​i​tyze​ro​.com. With a deep interest in history and mythology, he is also a passionate champion of the environment and biodiversity. He writes on issues related to sustainability, sustainable development, and the environment.