Krishnapriya Tamma

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Vegetation Dynamics, Forest Recovery, Avian Frugivores, Ecology


Krishnapriya (Priya as she is fondly called) is a faculty with the School of Arts and Sciences.

She is an ecologist, with an interest in tropical forest diversity, dynamics and biogeography. Her PhD dissertation was on the biogeography and macroecology of small mammals in the Indian subcontinent (especially in the Himalayas). Her postdoctoral work was on African tropical forest-savanna dynamics. As part of her long-term research, she is interested in understanding forest recovery in northeast India and how human activities influence recovery. She is also interested in the biogeography of birds, especially tropical frugivores.

Publications and Writings

On-going Projects

Human impacts on critical thresholds of forest-savanna transitions in Africa Monitoring resilience of forests in protected areas using remotely-sensed technologies