Divya Uma

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Behavioural Ecology of Predator-Prey Interactions
  • Mimicry
  • Camouflage in Insects and Spiders
  • Collective Behaviour of Social Spiders
  • Popularising Science through Outreach


Before joining Azim Premji University, I was a post-doctoral fellow at IISER Trivandrum examining hunting and web-building behavior of social spiders, and personalities in these spiders. 

Prior to this, I did another post-doctoral stint at University of Maryland, Collage Park, USA, looking at the response of crayfish towards predatory cues, and also exploring non-invasive methods of imaging neuroanatomical structures of crayfish. 

I obtained my doctoral degree from Georgetown University, USA where I looked into predator-prey interactions between wasps and spiders. 

In Azim Premji University, my recent works include investigating mimicry in ant-mimicking spiders; ecology of floral colour changing plants and their pollinators; spatio-temporal dynamics of web architecture in social spiders.

I survive Bengaluru by taking quick getaways to quieter forested areas! 



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