Jayanti Ray Mukherjee

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Plant Ecology
  • Stress Eco-physiology
  • Statistics
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainability


Jayanti’s interest lies in understanding how plants cope with stress. She uses the functional trait currency to examine the mechanisms related to stress and how individual plant response to stress can shape a plant community. She is interested in explaining population and community dynamics in space and time. She utilizes a trait-based platform to evaluate plants suitable for restoration purposes. She is also very interested in understanding how researchers and managers collaborate efficiently and how the gap between the science and practice can be bridged.


Publications and Writings

Publications (peer reviewed)

  • Ray-Mukherjee, J., Jones, T.A., Adler, P. B., and Monaco, T. A. (2015) Contrasting mechanism of recovery from defoliation in two Intermountain-native bunchgrasses. Rangeland Ecology and Management 68: 485 – 493.
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  • Mukherjee, S., Heithaus, M., Trexler, J., Ray-Mukherjee, J.,andVaudo, J. (2014) Predation risk suppresses reproduction in ovo-viviparous and viviparous prey. PlosOne9(2): e88832. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0088832
  • Alder, P. B., Salgero-Gomez, R., Compagnoni, A., Hsu, J., Ray-Mukherjee, J., Mbeau-Ache, C., and Franco, M. (2014) Functional traits explain variation in plant life history strategies. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences111: 740 – 745
  • Mukherjee, S., Ray-Mukherjee, J., and Sarabia,R. (2013) Crows and roads: observations on the traffic behavior of crows. Canadian Field Naturalist 127: 229 – 233
  • Ray-Mukherjee, J., Jones, T.A., and Monaco, T. A. (2013) Biomass and defoliation tolerance of 12 populations of Pseudoroegneriaspicata at two densities. Rangeland Ecology and Management66: 703 – 713
  • Ray-Mukherjee, J., Jones, T. A., Adler, P. B., and Monaco, T. A. (2011). Drought tolerance in two perennial bunchgrasses for restoration in the Intermountain West, U.S.A. Plant Ecology 212: 461 – 470
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  • Ray, J.*, Joshua, J., and Ronald, J. (2000). Sighting of Barking Deer in Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. Journal of Bombay Natural History Society 97: 139 — 140.

Book Chapters

  • von Wettberg, E. Ray-Mukherjee, J., D’Adesky, N., Nesbeth, D., Sithla, S. (2014). The Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics of Stress Resistance Syndrome (SRS) Traits: Revisiting Chapin, Autumn and Pugnaire (1993). In: Rajakaruna, N., Boyd, R. S., and Harris, T. B. (eds.) Plant ecology and evolution in harsh environments. Pp 439
  • Ray-Mukherjee, J., Chelladurai , V., Ronald, J., Rawat, G. S., Mani, P., and Huffman M. A. (2010). Do animals eat what we do?:ethnobotanical and ecological observations on humans and animals of Mundanthrai range, Tamil Nadu, India. In: Kala, C. P. (ed.). Medicinal plants and Sustainable Development. Nova Science Publishers, NYUSA.
  • Ray, J.* and Rawat, G. S. (2002). Patterns of plant species diversity and endemism in KalakadMundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Tamilnadu. In: A.P. Das (ed.). Perspectives of Plant Biodiversity. Pp. 559 – 557. Shiva Offset Printers, Dehra Dun.

Proceedings, Published abstracts, and book reviews, and conference papers

  • Ray-Mukherjee, J. and vonWettberg, E. (2012). A broad spectrum of molecular approaches in conservation and management. Ecology 92: 1377.
  • Zaady, E., Mukherjee, J., Godonu, K.J., Kraaij , T., Mwangi, M., Oguzoglu, I., and Sarig, S.(2006). Small-scale landscape patchiness affects soil characteristics in Negev Highlands (Abstract). Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 52: 203 – 204.
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