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Shantha Bhushan

Email: [email protected]

Shantha's current area of research is primarily the application of Knot Theory to Biology.

Shantha worked for a decade at Kalpavriksh, an environment action group. She has worked in environmental law, biodiversity, community based conservation and urban waste management.

Previously Shantha taught undergraduate courses in Mathematics and in Environment at FLAME Pune, a college for liberal education.

Shantha loves to crochet and to create shapes that help in understanding mathematical concepts.

Academic Qualifications

BSc Ed, Regional College of Education, Mysore, 1988
MSc Mathematics, IIT Bombay, 1990
PhD Mathematics IIT Bombay, 1998

Areas of Interest

Her interests are in two diverse areas - Mathematics (knot theory) and Environmental Studies (biodiversity conservation).

Click here to listen to Shantha Bhushan talking about areas of interest and current research work.


She is interested in teaching mathematics to undergraduate students. She has experimented with various ideas to make the subject more interesting to young adults.

In the area of Environmental Studies, she is especially interested in teaching the subject to students in mainstream courses. She believes that it is important to sensitize students at a young age on issues that deeply affect us, our world and life.

In an age of narrow focus and specialization, she wants undergraduates to take away a more holistic view of their careers and professions.

Research Interests

In mathematics, she pursues research in knot theory and its applications to biology.

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