Ajaykumar K

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Lie Algebra and Lie Group Bundles
  • Generalisations of Lie Groups
  • Mathematics Teacher Education


Prior to joining the University, Ajaykumar taught for three years (2019 – 2022) at Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth, a deemed-to-be university at Ernakulam, Kerala. He is passionate about teaching undergraduates, especially the ones training to become teachers. 

He obtained his doctoral degree in mathematics from the University of Mysore, Mysuru. During that period, he worked on geometric and algebraic properties of Lie algebra bundles and Lie group bundles and generalisation of Lie group bundles.

Currently, he is interested in problems concerning the book embedding of graphs. Apart from research in mathematics, he is also interested in the pedagogy of mathematics at both the school and university levels.

He is passionate about filmmaking, and during his free time, he writes for films. He loves playing cricket, volleyball, and table tennis.