Calculus 1: Foundations

A prerequisite course for understanding Differential and Integral Calculus. 

Studies in physics and other quantitative and analytical disciplines rely strongly on the tools of differential and integral calculus. This course will help you learn the tools for a basic skill set of differential and integral calculus. 

This course will introduce you to some aspects of the topology of the real line, such as linear order, limit points, open and closed sets, compactness and the density of the rationals. You will study real-valued functions, limits of functions and continuity, and sequences of real numbers. 

You will develop the skills to identify meaningful and measurable quantities in real-world situations, understand theoretical frameworks of calculus in order to apply and use them from first principles. You will engage with abstract concepts, reason logically and express yourself precisely using mathematical language. We’re sure this course will help you appreciate the intrinsic beauty of the subject.