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Anand Shrivastava

Email: [email protected]

Anand teaches economics at the School of Arts and Sciences. His research interests lie in the fields of Political Economy, Development Economics and Applied Microeconomics. His PhD dissertation was titled "Conflict, riots and welfare: Essays on political economy and public finance in India".

Academic Qualifications
  • PhD in Economics, University of Cambridge.
  • MPhil in Economic Research, University of Cambridge.
  • Graduate Diploma in Economics, University of Cambridge.
  • B.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Quantitative methods in Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics

Research Interests
  • Social, political and economic causes and effects of civil conflict
  • The political economy of control and use of natural resources
  • Issues of identity in the context of politics and conflict
  • The effect of informal institutions and norms on labour markets

Click here to listen to Anand Shrivastava talking about areas of interest and current research work.


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