Indulekha Guha

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Health Economics
  • Economics of Crime
  • Bias-motivated Behaviour


Indulekha holds a PhD and a master’s degree in economics from Purdue University, United States as well as a Master’s and Bachelor’s with Honours in Economics from Presidency University, Kolkata. 

Her research aims to analyse bias-motivated behaviour such as hate crimes and hate speech and their effects on the economy. Her dissertation, titled Empirical essays on bias-motivated behaviour” addresses the relationship between legislation and hate crimes, election timing and hate crimes, and toxic speech on social media around election time. 

She uses a variety of causal inference techniques to analyse survey and administrative data to inform policy to address discrimination and bias-motivated behaviour. Currently, she is interested in several research areas such as bias-motivated speech in social media, political régime changes and crimes against women in India, and gender norms surrounding older women’s self-reported health outcomes as evidenced by Indian survey data. 

She has taught undergraduate courses in Microeconomics, Health Economics, and International Trade and graduate-level courses in Econometrics, Health Economics and Macroeconomics at Purdue University, United States. 


Working Papers

  • Guha, I. Elections and hate crimes in the United States. 
  • Guha, I. Penalty enhancement statutes and hate crimes. 
  • Guha, I, & Borwankar, S. Elections and toxicity on Twitter

Ongoing Work

  • Guha, I., & Sengupta, A. Gender norms and older women’s self-reported health outcomes in India.
  • Guha, I., & Chanda, T. Political régime change and crimes against women in India.