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We started At Right Angles to create material for teachers and children across the country to read about mathematics material that is not found in regular school curricula, where they can solve problems, interact with one another and contribute to the field of maths. We wished to create a viable platforms in print and on the internet, a space for people to can share original observations and discoveries, where beautiful results in school level mathematics can be written about and discussed.

Our intent

We ensure that At Right Angles is lively and full of interesting materials on a wide variety of topics. It is meant for teachers of middle school, high school and plus two (or Junior College’). It is useful for students in classes 8 – 12 (aged 13 – 18), for people with an interest in mathematics education, including curriculum developers and teacher educators.

We attempt to connect with practitioners in the field, both teachers and teacher educators who can use this material either in their classrooms or for their training. The magazines addresses issues which they might face, and we hope they can benefit from learning by sharing. Our material contains articles and short pieces written by mathematics teachers at various levels, written with a view to sharing mathematical content as well as real life classroom experiences and teaching strategies.

All materials are freely available, with option to download the whole magazine. The magazine is currently produced in English, Hindi and Kannada.

Readers of the magazine can interact on several platforms:

  • Facebook Pages AtRiUM (for secondary school material) 
  • Math Space (for primary and upper primary)
  • Monthly webinars
  • Letters to the editor (addressed to <AtRiA.​editor@​apu.​edu.​in>)
  • Our Telegram channel. 

We hope that you can use these channels to pose and discuss questions, pose and solve problems, answer doubts in a collaborative manner. 

Magazine sections

  • Features: Articles in in pure and applied mathematics. These range from applications in areas like science, technology, and medicine to biographies, stories and current events in mathematics.
  • ClassRoom: A section that includes the sharing of teaching experience at all levels, with illustrated pedagogical strategies, tips for teachers as well as ideas for assessment.
  • TeachSpace: Dedicated to computational algebra, dynamic geometry, spreadsheets and software in general, and how it can be used in the mathematics classroom.
  • Student Corner: Featuring submissions by students.
  • Problem Corner: A section that features problem solving, problem posing, reviews of books and films about mathematics, apps used to teach math (freeware mainly), math manipulatives, and board games.
  • PullOut: Meant mainly for primary school teachers, dealing with teaching strategies, activities for teaching difficult concepts, and tips for classroom teaching. 


We invite authors and readers for live, online discussions on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. 

We would love to hear from you

If you are a practicing school mathematics teacher, teacher educator, or a researcher with an interest in the teaching and learning of school mathematics, we would love to hear from you. Details and timelines for submissions for the theme section of the next issue, are available in the​‘Write for Us’ section of the current issue. Submissions for non-theme sections are accepted throughout the year. 

Write for us

To write for us, please send a brief overview ( of less than 100 words) of your pitch in English, Hindi or Kannada to <AtRiA.editor@​apu.​edu.​in>.

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To receive free hard copies of every issue, mail your postal address to <AtRightAngles@​apu.​edu.​in>. Please note that the mailing of hard copies is restricted to India. 

To read individual articles

You can read individual articles from each issue here

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