At Right Angles Issue 6, March 2020

Azim Premji University,


Vision 2020 – As we move into the 9th year of AtRiA’s existence, we refocus for clarity. The March 2020 issue talks about Breaking Down Barriers: A Mathematical Approach. Launch right into the how and what with B. Sury’s article on Tiresome Paths, Water Gates and Euler’s Formula. But there’s more than networks and circuits here, starting with this issue, we will be focusing sharply on the challenges and difficulties of the average mathematics teacher and hoping to share and discuss strategies to help those who struggle with the nature and pedagogy of mathematics.

We have some wonderful material to draw you in- Conversations on the Greatest Common Divisor, Trials with Triangles, Impossible Triangles on Dot Sheets and some great Search Problems for the Middle School to mention a few. We start a new section called ViewPoint and continue with our photo series Captured Mathematics. TechSpace features the free dynamic geometry software Robocompass and our PullOut is on Angles. Our review this time is on the Mathematics of India.