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The Specializations, through Majors and Minors, help build disciplinary knowledge and appreciate the excitement of a subject and its applications. Emphasis will be on active and participative learning. Discussions, research projects and field visits are an important part of the curriculum.

We help you specialize but in a flexible way-

  • Students are required to choose one Major area of disciplinary study.
  • In addition to this, students are required to select a disciplinary or interdisciplinary Minor or instead, study an interesting mix of courses from several disciplines
  • The University does not guarantee that every student will be able to register for a particular Minor of his or her choice. We will help students choose Minors based on our evaluation of the student’s interests, academic needs and available courses. Students can also choose to distribute the credits across multiple courses without declaring a Minor.

All students will obtain 48 credits from specializations. In addition, students (if they meet the norms) can enroll for an Honours pathway. Successful completion of the Honours pathway requires obtaining an additional 12 credits including 6 credits from work that leads to a thesis or research project.

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