Creative Expression Courses

Whether it is music, art, theatre or sport, explore your interests and develop them into skills.

We learn about ourselves and our relationship with the world in many ways. In the classroom, we get to explore this through intellect and imagination. 

The Creative Expressions (CRX) courses focus on physical practice and allow us to learn in embodied ways. You get to develop various capacities of the body, experiment with new art forms and physical activities, collaborate with artists, athletes and peers, and expand the breadth of your experience.

During your degree, you are required to complete two CRX courses. 

Every semester, we offer a range of CRX courses that you can choose from. These broadly cover the various forms of art, fitness and sport, many of which look beyond the dominant cultural and creative forms. 

In all the courses, you learn by doing — you learn to use your body in specific ways, to be disciplined and regular with practicing a skill, and of course to get creative with it.

All of the courses offered are at the beginners level — there are no prerequisites to sign up to any of them. You are encouraged to explore skills in areas that you may not have come across before — this may be your first time playing frisbee, doing yoga, using a hammer and chisel, banging on a djembe, dancing with a partner, editing a movie, stitching your own clothes, making a dreamcatcher, or even running a 10k — the list goes on!

Here are some of the courses that come under CRX:

-Cutting Edge Craft
-Guitar 101
-Fabric Art
-Creative Crochet
-Endurance Running
-Functional Fitness
-Introduction to Acting
-Understanding Rhythm
-Video Production
-Vocal Music
-Visual Art
-Clay Sculpture
-Ultimate Frisbee