Mathaapu | Celebrating the Art of Doing Mathematics

A Collaboration of the Mathematics Community at Azim Premji University, Bengaluru

Mathaapu is an undergraduate, student-led, annual magazine that features articles, podcasts, comics, and much more about Mathematics, inspired by stories of discovery, debate, and camaraderie. 

From the abstract to the everyday, Mathaapu celebrates the human experience of doing Mathematics. It features stories about Mathematics; of warmth, humor, and insight. 

Although Math may not be everyone’s cup of tea, our content is made keeping in mind a diverse group of readers of all levels of mathematical knowledge and inclination toward the subject. Keep an eye out for the multilingual and multimodal pieces in every issue! 

This magazine is simply for anyone who is curious about Math- whether you are a student, a researcher, or simply someone who wants to learn more about our subject, Mathaapu is a great place to start!

Core Team

Our team comprises of students in their second, third, and fourth years taking specific roles within the design and editing team helmed by a managing editor and faculty advisors. Our apprenticeship” system ensures that students in their first year of study have the opportunity to learn the ropes alongside their seniors before committing to a more demanding role.

The Team Behind this Zine


  • Shalem Nissie
  • Sudipta Mondal
  • Veda Maskey


  • Abha J
  • Ganesh Chakali
  • Himanshu Sinha
  • Kashish Jaswani
  • Krishnakumari Neeli
  • Vanshika Mittal
  • Vighnesh Iyer


Ajaykumar K
Shantha Bhushan

Managing Editor

Veda Maskey

Issue 1