Student support

We nurture an inclusive community that makes space for different people, points of view and ideas.

We know that you may need assistance from time to time. Whether you need help with your physical or emotional health, or if you need to work on your language skills, we are here to help. Here are the resources you need.

Language skills Development

In India, English is not the first language for many students – even for those students who went to English-medium schools. We offer support to the students of UG and PG through The Language Centre and English-Language support group.

This centre works has been offering English language support to students in the undergraduate programme for many years now. The Centre offers intensive tutorials with English language tutors who work with groups of students in each batch to help them overcome barriers erected by English as a language.

Our English Language Support group will help you strengthen your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We hold classes every week for 2 to 4 hours in the first semester, in which you work on academic activities to achieve verbal and written competency in English for academic purposes and other communication.

The ELSC has been working with students in the postgraduate programme to support their English language learning. The Centre has been conducting the 2 credit course that is part of the curriculum in the first semester, and offering weekly tutorial support to students who seek the same.

As of 2022 the academic resource committee, has instituted a Peer Tutoring programme at the undergraduate level, with senior students working as peer tutors for students in their first year.

We conduct annual intensive summer programmes for both UG and PG students to orient them to the university, strengthen their English language and quantitative skills, and build a foundation in their chosen discipline.

We make sure that you have spaces to meet your faculty outside the classroom. During the course of your time at the University, you will be mentored by a faculty member on your academic and personal journey. Reach out for support on problems you may face in the classroom or outside.

We offer several workshops and one on one mentoring sessions to develop the skills and competencies that will be most useful for placements and in your work. These include areas like how to identify sectors of your interests for work or higher education, communication, project management, digital skills, data analysis and major-specific advanced study, resume writing and interviewing skills, etc. These are offered by our faculty as well as other specialist trainers.

It also plans to offer interdisciplinary intensive courses and workshops that involve collaborations between different majors in the UG and PG programmes.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We offer counselling services to help you cope with any problems or distress that you may be facing during your time at the University. We know that you may need assistance to work through the demands of your coursework, adjusting to a diverse peer group and living in a new space. Our team of qualified counsellors at Conversations: Centre for Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing are professionally trained to listen to and understand your concerns. We assure complete confidentiality. We offer personal therapy and group therapy, awareness sessions and skill-building workshops. You may reach our Conversations team at conversations@​apu.​edu.​in

Health Services

Our Medical Centre gives you primary care and referrals at no cost. We offer resources in case of medical emergencies and immediate services for common and minor ailments at our clinic. With hospitals close by, we ensure that you have medical care whenever you need, in addition to an ambulance on-call. You are covered under a Health Insurance scheme for in-patient and out-patient expenses and can contact the Student Helpdesk for queries and issues.