Student Clubs

We’re more than just the classroom. We’re a place for you to live, work and play together. Bring together your interests and passions! 

We know that you come to University with a lot of interests and talents, and are looking for things to discover during your years here. We make sure you have as many opportunities and spaces to explore what you like, or grow your talents and passions. Whether you want to sing, watch a movie or join a fitness group, we’re here for you.

There is something happening everyday. 

We believe that our clubs will help you work with one another: cooperate, negotiate and organise together. 

Our university community comes together through various campus clubs for music, sports, photography, cinema, theatre, poetry and so much more. We also have clubs for subjects like biology, mathematics, physics and economics! We host events, exhibitions, workshops, expert lectures, and student projects.

Sports and fitness

We hope that during your time with us, you fall in love with a physical activity. We believe that games and sports can help your health, build discipline and motivation, and develop a feeling of camaraderie with your peers.

You can join Workout Wednesdays or Yoga on Mondays and Zumba sessions—there is something for everyone!

In case of any queries, you may write to the Sports and Fitness Committee at sfc@​apu.​edu.​in

Inclusion and diversity

We work to make the campus inclusive for everyone, through events and dialogues that help create an understanding and celebration of differences. We collaborate and coordinate with campus clubs and groups, and ensure a fair representation in everything that we do.

Just recently, we celebrated Pride Month 🌈! People sent in poetry, stories, art, photographs and put all the submissions together! We screened the movie Hotel Raahgir by Ektara Collective, followed by an enriching discussion on queer films in today’s world.

Come and join us as we meet and talk over a cup of chai. Let’s make our campus truly inclusive.

Math Club

The Math club organises talks, game nights, movie screenings, workshops, and panel discussions. Click below to know more about all the exciting things the team is up to:

Art and Culture

Looking to explore your creative side and the artist within you? Our Art & Culture Committee is just the space. We learn art techniques, create art, and learn from each other. We invite various artists to talk to us about their practice and forms. 


We believe in a inclusive and diverse cuisine for our campus, and we work to ensure that our food service operations on campus takes care of everyone’s needs, especially prioritising nutrition. 

We plan collaborative menus for all our other events and clubs. We are often found arguing whether it’s mysore pak or sweet cakes for dinner! 

Books and reading 

We organise activities and events to help nurture an active culture of reading for pleasure in our community, with monthly readings, reading groups and conversations with authors. 


Since its inception in 2012, Karvaan has aimed to make room for and thoughts, musings and feelings, struggles and troubles, or anything we create as co-travellers. Run by the Editorial Club, this is a student-led initiative in which students showcase their writing: short stories, essays, poetry, art work and photography.

Write to editorialclub@​apu.​edu.​in


We initiate and support conversations about sensitivity towards the environment. We review existing policies, recommend new ones and work towards conservation and the sustainable use of resources on campus.

You can join us as we educate all about the biodiversity crisis, share interesting sound maps of natural sounds of forests, create interesting video series for environment day or plan fun and enlightening Naturetainment activities on campus for all.

We celebrated Biodiversity Day in May by asking our students and members to share pictures on nature. We put together a video compilation of marvellous life forms and glimpses of their natural history. Enjoy all these photographs, starting with the different life forms present on Earth!