Math Club

A space for mathematics enthusiasts and geeks

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The Math club organises talks, game nights, movie screenings, workshops, and panel discussions. 

Talks and workshops

The talks and workshops are run by our students, faculty, or external experts. So far, the talks have been of three different broad categories:

1. Relationship between mathematics and arts/​crafts that includes:

  • maths and music
  • maths and juggling
  • maths and magic
  • maths and chess

2. Relationship between maths and other disciplines that includes

  • secrets of computing
  • cryptography
  • thermodynamics
  • chaos theory
  • neural networks
  • spinning solids and fluids

3. In-depth study of a topic in mathematics that includes:

  • graph colouring
  • Venn diagrams
  • Hall’s marriage problem
  • metrisability
  • Covid modelling
  • logic

We have also had workshops on mathematics in Islamic architecture, origami, and mathematics, crochet and mathematics, etc.

Collaborative activities

Sometimes the club collaborates with other clubs and comes up with a joint event. A collaboration with the gender studies forum led to a week-long program having talks and panel discussions on the relationship between gender and mathematics. The BAH fest is another event that is jointly organised by several clubs. In the future, we would like to collaborate with other clubs and do more interesting stuff.

An idea in the pipeline is to have a panel discussion on What is a number?” in collaboration with the philosophy group.


The club also organises game nights and magic shows that draw inspiration from mathematics. Math-themed dungeons and dragons, escape rooms that you can get out of only by solving math puzzles, and board games are some of the options we have explored.

π Day

Finally, we intend to organise Pi Day every year. The celebration will have activities from all the above categories, the theme being the fascinating number Pi.

Art inspired by Pi, created by Vaishnavi, student, Azim Premji University

Banner Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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