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Our annual cultural festival occupies a special place in the hearts of our students. Unmukt gives you a platform to showcase your special talent and extracurricular interests. Guest lectures, workshops, music, dance, drama, food stalls — the festival has it all!

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Taking learning outside the classroom, second year students of Master’s programmes organise exhibitions to showcase their empirical engagement with the field. The exhibition features posters, comics, infographics and documentary films, and interactions with teachers and students in conversation about experiential learning. 

The Social Enterprise Challenge is for students from across India to explore social entrepreneurship and share innovative ideas in a rigorous and competitive fashion. This platform is for young minds to meet and network and exchange thoughts. Winners are awarded with certificates and prize money.

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Every year, our first year students plan a memorable farewell for the graduating batch of students. An emotional atmosphere filled with lots of energy, dance and music. It’s a great way to send the seniors off to their new lives in style!

Come relive the experience of celebrating our students’ accomplishments and the exciting things that await them in the future.

The convocation video is now available on Youtube.

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At the end of every semester, we get together to celebrate what we have learnt over the course of the semester in our CRX (Creative Expressions) courses. This semester, we had performances by the Salsa folks, the (really loud!) rhythm section, a group song by the singers, and, of course, the guitarists. The students pursuing art, craft, fabric art, and sculpture had a massive number of their creations on display.

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We are an informal platform in which we invite anybody we wish to speak with for a charcha with a cup of coffee. Our idea is to have an open discussion without agenda. We have invited people from all walks of life: Ian Correa, CEO of Hope Foundation; Sharda Ugra, a senior sports journalist; an alumnus Varun Sharma who works with village electrification in Orissa.