Srishti Yadav

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Political Economy
  • Agrarian Change
  • Economic Development
  • Economics of Caste and Gender


Srishti holds a PhD in Economics from The New School, New York, and an MA in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. Growing up in Haryana, she has always been interested in the role of agriculture in India’s economy. 

The field of Political Economy of Development allows her to frame this interest theoretically, and ask critical questions— despite rapid growth, why is the Indian economy predominantly agricultural? What is the nature of production relations within agriculture? In different parts of the country, how do agricultural and non-agricultural economies interact? What is the role of caste and gender in shaping these interactions? These questions, which require field-based research alongside the analysis of secondary data, motivated her doctoral research. 

Her ongoing work spills over from the political economy of production relations in agriculture to the political economy of non-agricultural informality. She hopes to conduct fieldwork for this project soon. 

Before joining the University, she taught Political Economy and Microeconomics at University of Manitoba, Canada. She has also taught courses in Political Economy of Development and Macroeconomics at Eugene Lang College, The New School, and St. Francis College, Brooklyn. 

Apart from research and teaching, she enjoys reading murder mysteries, gardening, and listening to music. 

She is a recipient of the following awards:

  • Edith Henry Johnson Memorial Award in Economics, Civil Affairs and Education, awarded by the New School for Social Research for distinction in doctoral research in 2021
  • Union for Radical Political Economy Dissertation Fellowship ($5000) awarded in 2020
  • New School for Social Research Dissertation Fellowship ($10,000) awarded in 2019
  • New School for Social Research Prize Fellowship ($20,000 pa) awarded in 2016 – 19
  • UGC National Eligibility Test cleared and Junior Research Fellowship awarded in 2015



Journal Articles

Book Reviews

  • Yadav, S. (Forthcoming). Unsettled science: Competing paradigms in macroeconomics [Review of the book Macroeconomics: An Introduction, by A. Thomas]. Journal of Economic Issues.
  • Yadav, S. (2021). Indian Agriculture over Time: In Search of Political Economy [Review of Political Economy of Agricultural Development in India by A. Venkateswarlu]. Economic and Political Weekly LVI(49), 35 – 37.

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