Aditi Chaturvedi

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Pre-Platonic Philosophy
  • Plato
  • Ancient Greek and Roman thought
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Aesthetics
  • Philosophy of Music
  • Political philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Philosophy of the Environment


I worked most recently, for four and a half years, in the department of Philosophy at Ashoka University in Sonepat. My doctoral degree (2018) is from the University of Pennsylvania and before this I studied philosophy at Williams College in Massachusetts. 

My main area of research is ancient Greek philosophy. I am particularly interested in the pre-Platonic philosophers and their relationship to Plato. I also have a strong interest in aesthetics and the philosophy of art, particularly in the philosophy of music. I have given multiple presentations and written a book chapter on the role of harmonia’ in ancient Greek thought. I also have broader interests in political philosophy, philosophy of religion, and environmental philosophy.

In my spare time, apart from more reading, I enjoy movies, cooking, photography, and playing and listening to music.


Publications and Writings

Chaturvedi, A. (2016). Harmonia and ṛtá. In Seaford R. (Ed.), Universe and Inner Self in Early Indian and Early Greek Thought (pp. 40 – 54). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 

On-going Projects

Harmony in the Hippocratic embryology and dietetics; Empedoclean harmony; Isonomia and Harmonia: Two Early Greek Models of Balance; Dissolving the art/​craft divide