Political Philosophy

This course will acquaint students with major political ideologies in India and enable them to talk to and work with those they disagree with on political issues.

We live in complex societies where the state and its institutions make many demands on us. With this in mind, we ask a few questions. What is a state and what allows it to exert power on us? Do we need a state? Do we have liberties and rights? How do we decide who should rule? If we could imagine it, how would we imagine the relationship between citizens and the state? Political philosophers have responded to all these questions and more over time, and this course will help you engage with these thinkers, their ideas, and the questions they ask. You will encounter the central concerns of political philosophy and learn key ideas of liberal doctrines and different responses to it, including Anarchist, Communitarian, Feminist, Libertarian, Marxist, Republican, and Utilitarian positions.