• What does Mission Antyodaya data say about rural deprivation? 

    Leveraging the Mission Antyodaya dataset, Puja Guha, Neeraj Hatekar and Amalendu Jyothishi, in Ideas for India, create a ​‘Rural Deprivation Index’ which can be used to examine the status of provisioning across blocks, villages, districts and states.

  • What constitutes respect in a classroom 

    In India, we tend to put our teachers on a pedestal but how many truly respect them? Aruna Sankaranarayanan, in The Hindu, explains the consequences of holding someone in high esteem for a participatory approach, in the context of education.

  • Rising debt strains household savings 

    “Household net financial savings to GDP ratio have declined due to increased borrowing and structural shifts rather than a mere change in savings pattern”, write Zico Dasgupta and Srinivasan Raghavendra, in The Hindu.

  • Understanding India’s Evolving Middle Classes 

    The Indian government must ensure the country’s continued economic growth and job creation to prevent a reduction in the size of the middle class and a potential social crisis, writes Sandhya Krishnan, in EastAsiaForum.

  • Inclusive Preschools Benefit All Children 

    It helps children with specific challenges to expand their skills through observation and participation. Their peers develop acceptance and an appreciation for individual differences from an early age, write Sofiya S and Bhuvaneswari B, in The Hans India.

  • Muslim quota row deepening fault lines among dalits 

    If, as per the Constitution, religion alone cannot be used as a principle for granting reservations, it cannot also be used for purposes of exclusion from reservations, writes Khalid Anis Ansari, in The Times of India

  • Tackling Bengaluru’s Water Woes 

    Fields of View (FoV), a game design organisation based in Bengaluru, is trying to raise awareness and contribute through Hanigalu — a game that simulates water crisis management — in collaboration with Azim Premji University. 

  • Meaning of Public Health: Lost in Jargon 

    Mukta Gundi and Arima Mishra, in Udayavani, highlight why public health should become a field that is inclusive of diverse vocabularies and expressions and should use a language that brings people into its fold.

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  • An inheritance tax will help reduce inequality 

    Property of the elite being bequeathed to descendants implies that the descendants do no work to acquire it. There is no economic reason for it to be a freebie for them, write Advait Moharir and Rajendran Narayanan, in The Hindu.

  • Maharashtra Day : महाराष्ट्राच्या विकासाचा गाव’मार्ग

    महाराष्ट्राची अर्थव्यवस्था सुधारण्यासाठी ग्रामीण पायाभूत सुविधा, स्थानिक लोकसमूह आणि सरकार ह्यांच्या सहकार्यातून विकेंद्रित व्यवस्था उभी करावी लागेल, असे नीरज हातेकर सकाळमध्ये लिहितात.