Virtual Open House | Undergraduate Programmes 2024

An interactive platform to explore our four-year undergraduate programmes, campuses, and interact with our faculty members

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We invite you to the Virtual Open House to be held between 28 February and 6 March 2024 from 5:00 – 6:00 pm.

This session will walk you through the various undergraduate programmes offered at Azim Premji University. It is an opportunity to interact with our faculty members and the admissions team regarding the admissions process, student life on campus and more.

Who should attend this session?

The session is ideal for prospective students interested in joining the 2024 programmes. We also welcome teachers, educators, career counsellors. Others who are interested to learn more about our 4‑year Liberal Undergraduate programmes can also join the interaction. 


BSc in Chemistry by Aahana Ganguly - Watch Video here

BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics by Aditi Chaturvedi and Rahul De - Watch Video here

BSc in Environmental Science and Sustainability by Seema Mundoli and Santonu Goswami - Watch Video here

BA in Economics by Shiuli Vanaja and Sunit Arora - Watch Video here

BA in English by Rukma Prince, Debolina Dey and Neha Yadav -Watch Video here

BSc in Biology by Ananya Mukherjee and Alok Bang - Watch Video here

BSc in Information Sciences by Anuradha Laxminarayan and Sriram - Watch Video here

Note : Dates are tentative and we may add new Majors. All sessions will start at 5:00 pm and will require prior registration