School of Continuing Education and University Resource Centre (SCE-URC)

Contributing to strengthening public education across various states in India

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School of Continuing Education and University Resource Centre (SCE-URC) is an integral part of Azim Premji University, Bengaluru.

SCE-URC works in strengthening public education across various states in India by improving curriculum, syllabus, textbooks and assessment for schools and teacher education, developing capabilities of people in key roles, and influencing states to address quality issues in education. 

The School comprises a team of 30 professionals from diverse backgrounds — such as those teaching in schools and higher education, assessment professionals, researchers in various school subjects, training and development professionals, and practitioners working in the field. 

Over the last few years, the School has offered more than a hundred programmes in the areas of education perspectives, subject pedagogy at all stages of school education, educational assessment, teacher education, education leadership, and institution building for systemic reforms. 

Some of them are Certificate Programme in Learning Outcomes, Student Assessment in Practice, Textbook and Curricular Material development, Nature and Pedagogy of Mathematics/​Language/​Science and Social Science, Designing and Facilitating Effective Learning Experiences, Perspectives in Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Education – Curriculum and Material Designing, and English Language Proficiency programme.

These programmes have been offered across India in multiple states and have capacitated several lakh professionals working in various government institutions, schools, research organisations, and NGOs working in education.