• ​‘उद्योग 5.0’ की सामाजिक उद्देश्य की ओर मुड़ती राह 

    उद्योग जगत अपने सामाजिक उद्देश्य के प्रति सजग और सक्रिय हो रहा है। सुधीश वेंकटेश, प्रभात खबर में लिखते है कि हम औद्योगिक क्रांति के पांचवें दौर में दाखिल हो रहे हैं, जिसकी जरूरतों के मुताबिक हमें खुद को ढालना है। 

  • Bridge the glaring gaps in learning 

    Merely axing portions of existing syllabi in the name of content rationalisation and reduction of students’ workload will not help. We need other constructive solutions to enable students to regain their lost learning, writes Anshu Saluja, in Deccan Herald.

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    Drying out fast: Laundry work in Fort Kochi 

    The arrival of mechanised laundromats has put the future of the members of the Vannan community — who do the laundry work in Fort Kochi, Kerala — at risk, reports Vibha Satish, in People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI).

  • K’taka model has long way to go 

    For the guarantees to become the basis for a substantive welfare-centric ​‘Karnataka model development’, much more is needed than what the budget has proposed, writes Narayana A, in The Times of India.