Sports Facilitator

We are looking for female candidates to apply for the role of sports facilitator for our Bengaluru campus. 


As a Sports Facilitator, you will — 

  • Work towards enhancing non-male participation in sports activities. This includes providing mentorship to women sports teams on campus.
  • Be involved in creating an active sports culture on campus by:
    • Teaching or facilitating any physical activity or sport.
    • Playing and participating regularly in different activities on campus. 
    • Engaging in event planning for sports and festivals.
  • Work with colleagues to ensure upkeep of all the sports and recreational facilities on campus.
  • Collaborate with different functions on various operational aspects, listing a few:
    • With the procurement and finance teams to procure sports equipment as and when required.
    • Work with student coordinators and sports consultants to ensure a smooth process to allocate and retrieve equipment, and in planning external tournament budgets and reimbursements.
    • Liaise with security, housekeeping, and landscaping teams to ensure all necessary support to the students.
  • Be responsible for booking different spaces like – badminton/​basketball courts, dance/​yoga rooms etc., and do so in an equitable and fair manner.
  • Create and track annual budgets for sports material and equipment.
  • Work with the larger sports team to put down clear systems and process to execute all tasks listed above. 
  • A bachelor’s degree in physical education degree with a certification programme such as BPEd, MPEd (preferable) OR bachelor’s degree in any discipline with certification of having played at the State/​National level.
  • Interest in managing and maintaining a large sports facility in the long term.
  • Administrative experience in managing sports and other facilities, ideally in an educational institution.
  • Experience in teaching a sport is preferable.
  • Sports events management experience is preferable.

Please email the following documents to <openpositions@​apu.​edu.​in> with the subject line Application for Sports Facilitator”:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Completed Application Form