Explore diverse aspects of forests by way of puzzles, activities, quizzes and more 

Forests of Life Newsletter is a monthly limited edition newsletter curated by Azim Premji University, offering glimpses of our mega festival, Forests of Life.

We initiated the Forests of Life Newsletter Series on 5 June 2023, celebrated as World Environment Day, to increase collective awareness and commitment to saving our forests for a sustainable future. Each subsequent edition was unveiled on significant forest-related dates throughout the year, celebrating mangrove ecosystems, indigenous peoples, forest martyrs, and currently, World Animal Day.

These newsletters transcend age groups, covering diverse aspects of forests from ecology and biodiversity to climate change impacts. It’s a repository of informative articles, videos, engaging puzzles, quizzes, and enchanting jungle stories. Artistic renditions from students across the country are featured in the Jungle Gallery, providing a visual narrative of forests based on monthly themes.

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