India is facing a crisis of employment and livelihoods, and it is important to generate secure, regular, and decent incomes for the vast majority. There is urgent need for fresh thinking that will make way for every Indian to lead a secure, dignified life in a just and sustainable way. This thinking must be both anchored in the real-world, and imaginative. CSE has been set up to foster fresh and creative thinking on this urgent and complex issue.

The Centre will have an in-house research team as well as a set of affiliated researchers at APU and elsewhere. It will produce an annual State of Working India report that offers new research, policy reflections, and vision documents on the state of work and workers in India as well as how to improve working conditions and job creation. To this end CSE will give grants to academics, journalists, and activists to create new knowledge on the above areas. CSE will also host a working paper series on its core interest areas. The CSE website is an important part of the CSE agenda. It will be an public intervention on part of CSE into the debate on jobless growth, unemployment, etc.

The vision is decent work and regular incomes for all; an India where every person who is willing and able to contribute to our economy can do so while earning a secure income equal to at least the salary that a lowest paid regular government employee receives.


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