Paaritosh Nath

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Industrial Labour Markets in India, Skills, Technology and Human Capital Development, Labour Law Regulations


Paaritosh is a faculty with the School of Policy and Governance

Paari has a PhD from the Centre for the Study of Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. His research looked at the dynamics of work, technology and skills as they play out in the Automobile industry of the National Capital Region (NCR). Prior to joining CSE, he was working as a research fellow with the Karwan-e-Mohabbat. His areas of interest include trajectory of growth of industrial labour markets in India, impact of labour laws on employment and processes of skill acquisition and upgradation.

Publications and Writings

Published Papers

  • Sood, A and Nath, P. (2020). Labour Law Changes Innocuous Mistakes or Sleight of Hand?. Economic and Political Weekly, LV(22) 33 – 37.
  • Nath, P. (2019). Employment Scenario and the Reservation Policy. Economic and Political Weekly, LIV (19), 56 – 61 ISSN (Print) — 0012 – 9976
  • Nath, P. (2014). Labour Market Flexibility and Employment Growth in India’s Organised Manufacturing Sector, 1990 – 2010. The Indian Journal of Labour Economics, 57 (4), 465 – 499 ISSN: 0971 – 7927 (print version) 
  • Sood, A., Nath, P. and Ghosh,S. (2014). Deregulating Capital, Regulating Labour: The Dynamics in the Manufacturing Sector in India. Economic and Political Weekly, LXIX (26 & 27), 58 – 68 ISSN (Print) — 0012 – 9976

Book Chapters

Nath, P. (2013) Purdah, Patriarchy and Accumulation in S. Khan and A. Shaban (Eds), Muslims in Urban India: Development and Exclusion. (New Delhi: Concept) ISBN-10: 8180699366

Book Reviews

Nath, P. (2019). Driving down the Perilous Path. Economic and Political Weekly, 54(42). ISSN (Print) — 0012 – 9976


  • Nath, P. (2019) Dalit Women’s Status of Employment and Earnings in Rural Punjab. (Chandigarh: Institute for Development and Communication).
  • Nath, P., Siddiqi, U and Sood, A. (2019) Thinking Growth or Thinking Employment. India Exclusion Report 2018 – 19. (5th ed.). (New Delhi: Yoda Press)