This workshop is for teachers and students to choose, create and explore readily available resources (including app-based ones) for scientific learning. It demonstrates that one does not need a sophisticated’ set-up to explore science. The medium of instruction is English.

Before the start of every academic year, both practicum school teachers and resource persons from the University exchange a list of themes to explore during the year, taking care to include topics that promote conceptual clarity, resource up-cycling and dynamic interaction.

Topics offered

  • Why you should do star gazing every night & other stories (Workshop for students)
  • Having fun through app-based science activities and convincing your school that it is creatively essential to allow you to use your smartphone! (Workshop for teachers)
  • Your TLMs are almost always free of cost and absolutely readily found (Workshop for teachers)
  • The largest neighbourhood citizen science project you never heard of (Workshop for students and teachers)
  • What can Baahubali (and other films) teach about concepts in science & history? (Workshop for students)
  • Acceleration and circular motion (Workshop for teachers and students)
  • Photoelectric effect, electromagnetic and laser (Workshop for teachers and students)