Sonika Parashar

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Pedagogy and Assessment of Curricular Areas
  • Language in Education
  • Language Teaching and Learning
  • Classroom Discourse
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Inclusive Education and Children with Learning Difficulties
  • Mindfulness in Education for Socio-emotional Development
  • Role of Arts in Education
  • Theatre in Education
  • Multilingual Education


Sonika Parashar believes that education is a holistic experience and as a teacher educator, she is always looking for interconnections of schooling with life. 

She has experience in pre-service teacher education, curriculum development, language in education, pedagogy of different curricular areas and their integration, building a classroom culture, teaching children with specific educational needs and guidance and counselling. 

She has actively started dialogues on how to teach language, especially ESL, for communication using different engaging activities considering the interest, aptitude, attitude, background and readiness of learners. 

As part of her research, she has developed teaching strategies for learners from disadvantaged groups for acquiring basic competence in English. She is further interested in teacher professional development and use of mindfulness in education.

She has been a Gold medalist both in her undergraduate degree BElEd from Miranda House, University of Delhi, and in postgraduate degree MEd from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. She has received academic awards every year for academically leading her batch in all four years of graduation.

In addition, she has been awarded the title of Best Student in Four Years (Bachelor of Elementary Education). She is also a member of Golden Key International Honour Society. 

She has further completed an MA in English from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling from the Institute of Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy, Delhi. 

She has previously worked with The Heritage School, Rohini, Delhi for more than two years.

She has also worked as a resource person in a DIET in Delhi, interned in NCERT, volunteered in NGOs such as Vidya Bhawan Education Society, Udaipur, Rajasthan, Vidya Aranya School, Palolem, Goa and CSR Initiative Teach India’ of The Times of India. 

In her personal time, she enjoys travelling, dancing, sketching, painting, reading and swimming.



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