Introduction to Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

The central role of curriculum and pedagogy in becoming a teacher

This course will be a segue between the perspective courses and pedagogy courses in education to support student-teachers in transforming their perspectives into actionable ideas in a school and classroom situation. It will be the first formal introduction to foundational ideas, meanings, and types of curricula, pedagogy, and assessment that student-teachers will later apply to their specific discipline-based pedagogy courses and teaching. It will explore the factors that shape a curriculum and how it is organised in a school situation along with a syllabus. It will look at what pedagogy and preparation are required for a teacher to teach effectively, and the modes and materials that may help a teacher teach. It will discuss different ways and tools that a teacher can employ to assess, evaluate, and report learning. Using a range of engaging pedagogical practices and modes of assessment, the course will focus on student-teachers’ ability to articulate their understanding in words (oral and written) and show them how the ideas learnt in the course will be used in a teaching-learning situation.