Advanced Graduate Workshop 2023

Nurturing young researchers who engage critically with issues related to economic development, globalisation and poverty

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Building on the past splendid editions of the Workshop spanning more than a decade, we are thrilled to welcome you all to the Advanced Graduate Workshop 2023 (AGW 2023), organised by Azim Premji University and the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).

Every year we have leading academics and practitioners delivering lectures on a wide range of engaging and topical issues, and this year shall be no different. However, AGW has been consciously designed not to make it centric to these lectures. 

At the core of it are the small groups in which graduate students meet and work on their presentations. It is in these groups where students, guided by their group leaders and occasionally by the visiting lecturers and organisers, not only get feedback on their work but also learn how to give constructive feedback. 

If testimonials of past participants are anything to go by, it is here that friendships that span continents are born, which then last for a lifetime. 

The workshop has been conceived and curated to provide graduate students the conducive space for discussion with their peers in a relaxed (as much as graduate students can relax) atmosphere.

In addition, AGW’23 is special for us on two specific accounts: 

One, we are bringing back panel discussions to the programme of AGW. The idea being that the graduate students attending AGW should be exposed to some ideas/​opinions that are regarded as critical in contemporary research in Economics.

We believe, even if one does not pursue research in that specific field, being part of a discussion revolving around it helps one gauge the broad theory and arguments. This then equips them to at least indulge in meaningful conversations, if not encouraging them to pursue further study in the field.

Second, we are introducing a mentoring system in AGW. Unlike the group leaders, mentors will typically not provide feedback on presentation, but be present during the workshop to meet the students and provide guidance on the specifics of the paper/​broader research agenda. Thus, in a way, the mentors will complement the task of the group leaders.

Your questions and comments during lectures, your interactions with speakers outside of the lectures, your discussions in the small groups, your presentations at the end, and perhaps most importantly, your interactions with each other over breaks and meals and drinks, are what make the workshop, and we invite you to make it a memorable one.


AGW Talks

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