Call for Papers | Conference on the History of Economic Thought (HET)

To contribute to the development of the field and to the advancement of our understanding of the historical roots of contemporary economic debates and challenges

HET conference 2023

The study of the history of economic thought is a rich and multifaceted field that offers insights into the development of economic ideas, theories, and practices over time. This field encompasses a wide range of perspectives, from classical and marginalist economics to Marxist and feminist economics, and engages with broader intellectual, political, and social debates.

The first Azim Premji University workshop on the history of economic thought (in 2015) discussed current developments in a number of different areas of economic thinking covering Classical economics, Post-Keynesian economics, Cambridge approach to economics, heterodox economic thinking and the history of econometrics in India.

This conference on the history of economic thought (HET) aims to contribute to the development of the field and to the advancement of our understanding of the historical roots of contemporary economic debates and challenges. 

It will provide a platform for scholars, researchers, and graduate students to engage with the rich and diverse body of knowledge in this field, and foster interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange, and will facilitate the emergence of new insights and perspectives on the history of economic thought.

We welcome papers that focus on the evolution of economic thought from ancient times to the present day, the contributions of key economic thinkers (for instance, Hayek, Keynes, Kautilya, Kumarappa, Robinson, Smith, Marx, and others) to economic theory and practice, and the role of economic thought in shaping economic institutions, policies, and practices.

The pre-conference workshop (on August 24) is designed to provide an introduction to the field of history of economic thought. This is aimed at teachers of HET who are interested in building capacity as well as students who have not studied HET systematically.

This is a unique opportunity for participants (especially teachers of HET and students) to gain practical insights and techniques that they can apply in their teaching and research.

To be considered for the pre-conference workshop, applicants have to send

  1. a statement of purpose (SoP) and
  2. curriculum vitae (CV) (past experience of teaching HET is favoured).

All submissions to be sent to : apuhetconference2023@​gmail.​com

Important Dates

  • Last date of submission of abstracts
  • Notification of acceptance of abstracts
  • Last date of submission of full papers
  • Pre-conference Workshop
  • - Conference

Travel, Accommodation and Food

Limited travel funds will be available for the following applicants:

  1. Teachers of HET in Indian universities and colleges whose SoPs are selected
  2. Students whose abstracts are selected for presentation

On-campus accommodation and food will be provided free of cost to all participants.

Scientific Committee

  • Sharmin Khodaiji (Jindal Global University)
  • Alex M Thomas (Azim Premji University)
  • Limakumba Walling (University of Hyderabad)
  • Srishti Yadav (Azim Premji University)

For queries related to the workshop, please contact : shreya.​agrawal22_​mec@​apu.​edu.​in