Events & Schedule

Building familiarity with sports, team building, and sportsmanship

Esprit 2023

The Sports and Fitness Committee and the Students Affairs Team at Azim Premji University organised Esprit, a sports festival at the Bengaluru campus. The festival aimed to create an environment where all students and members could engage in various sports activities regardless of their abilities or backgrounds. The festival featured a wide range of sports and games, both traditional and non-traditional. In total, there were about 50 events, attended by 1000 students.

Summer Camp

Every year before the new academic year, SFC conducts a lot of sports-related workshops for summer camp students. In these workshops, we build familiarity with sports, team building, and sportsmanship.


Orientation is one of the foundational phases for any student. During this time, we introduce students to our ideology and the culture of sports through various sports and fitness workshops conducted by SFC members and student coordinators.


One of our key focus areas are workshops across various sports. We see workshops to be a very important tool to introduce many to a particular sport for the first time and make them better at it. We conduct workshops at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Leagues and Tournaments

SFC, along with the help of student-led clubs, conducts mixed-gender sports leagues across various sports during a semester. Fresh teams are made each semester during open houses. Leagues are a great way of improving team-building skills along with improving one’s technique in the sport.

One-day tournaments are quite popular here, especially across sports such as badminton, table tennis, and chess. Sometimes registrations can be walk-in and it’s one of the most fun events on campus that garners a lot of participation from people who are very new to the sport.

External Tournaments

Our University participates in various external tournaments happening around the city and outside the city as well. Teams are picked based on their commitment to the sport, selection trials, spirit, and basic skills. We see external tournaments as good exposure for young athletes.